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Animal House!
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"Underground Detour? I thought I was auditioning for American Idol!"
- Jerry
"I wear tight pants on stage, it's rock-n-roll ya know.   I used to wear just a thong, but it wasn't all it was cracked up to be."
- John "
"Take out your hearing aid baby,
I'll show you what a real rocker can do."
- Danny "
"We all remember the 70s We're looking forward to them too."
- David"
"Sure, I used to have hair, but have you seen Peter Frampton lately? - Kelly"
"I wanna rock-n-roll all night, but the senior buffet starts at 5:30."
- Al
"You know you're playing an older crowd, when the girls throw their depends on the stage" - Ralph
"I just learned a fourth chord. That's one more than the other guys. Life is about growth"
- Mike
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Once again, in a bit of real news...
The boys (note: term "boys" used with poetic license) in the Underground Detour will be playing, live and loud, at the annual "Dilworth Jubilee" in Charlotte, NC. The August 13th event will have food, games, refreshments and other wonderful musicians through the morning and afternoon.
This is a yearly event for the band, to celebrate friendship and fun. The event is located in the Dilworth neighborhood of Charlotte, only minutes from downtown. Take South Blvd. from the John Belk Freeway, turn left on East Blvd., travel about 4 or 5 blocks (beware "no-left-turns") and turn left when it's legal. Listen for the music. The park is only about 2 blocks in from East Blvd.
The Underground Detour will hit the stage between 2:30 and 3pm.
Bring a blanket and your dancing shoes.


Drawing From Experience
The Band has evolved over the years and a few faces have changed, but everyone who has played with us has made the experience better. The original gang is pictured here as a tribute to one of our "covers", - "The Cover of the Rolling Stone." (as drawn by Rev. Thump Daddy (aka, Kelly)