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Inspiration For Sale

Imagine you are on a trip to the beach.  The cafe has a menu with great cartoon images and illustrations.  You walk down the beach past dozens of shops with t-shirts, beach towels, and collectables with more cartoon images and illustrations.  You look around and see billboards all around you ...again, with great cartoon images and illustrations.  You go back to the motel with fun paintings on the wall around the pool, retire to your room, pick up a magazine and turn on the tube...   of course, more great cartoon images and illustrations.
Who draws great cartoon images and illustrations?
Kelly Campbell

Services and Prices

My art services are as large as your needs.
  • Custom art / cartoons for specialty and promotional items.
  • Caricatures - Often sold to groups for advertising, such as a group cartoon of a Real Estate Company.
  • Editorial Cartoons and Illustrations - Not just limited to the Op-Ed page, this style has been effectively used in advertising campaigns. 
  • Web Site Art  - Tell me what you need.
  • T-shirt Designs for reunions, special events, corporate events or fundraisers.
  • Brand Imaging for your company's vehicles, signage, etc.

Pricing is established per your needs and budget.  Contact me with your ideas for a fair and affordable quote!