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"ROOTER"TM is published by
Custom Comics of America.
Ten issues are floating around in the Comic book world.

The "Rooter" comic book series is a collection of tales (tails) about Rooter, his band of anthropomorphic friends and the trouble which they get into and out of on a regular basis.
Rooter is a back-alley "Memphis-Mutt" who was befriended by the beautiful Ms. Belle Love, one sultry southern night as he was scrounging for scraps behind the Blue Plate Diner. Orphaned at an early age, after his loving parents disappeared, Rooter was raised by his mentor Muddy Walter. His comfortable life with Ms. Belle is not without its trials and tribulations. His animal friends, Otis and Zygo are constantly bickering and then there's "Da Boss", the ultimate southern bad guy.
In 1996 Rooter became a comic book star. Published by Custom Comics of America, "ROOTER" tm comic books are on comic book shelves from Hawaii to England.
The latest project from Custom Comics of America is...
RaceWarrior tm
It's a biggie folks. Give it a "click" to learn more ...and prepare to be overwhelmed!
Cover of "ROOTER" issue #1, "Sweatin' Bullets"