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About Us

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The Underground Detour is a band of brothers.  We are middle-aged adolescents who just like to play very loud music and have fun.  We meet each Thursday night in Ralph's basement to see if we all made it through another week alive. We don't take ourselves too seriously but seriously quest for fun and sharing fun with others. 
We play Rock-n-Roll.
(basement = Underground Detour)
Our commitment to quality loudness, friendship and fun has made us who we are today.

The Band

Ralph "The Musicman" McMillan
Rythym Guitar, Vocals and Legal Department
Johnny "One Note" Powell 
Vocals, Percussion and Golf Lessons
Danny "Mr. Wilson" Williams
Lead Guitar, Arrangments, and Groupie Coordinator
Al "Ivories" Allison
Keyboards, Harmonica and Earplugs
David "Stixx" Barnhardt
Drums, Percussion, and Transportation Manager
(He has the van)
Mike "The Slasher" Rash
Rythym Guitar, Security, and Attitude Coordinator
Kelly "The Rev. Thump Daddy" Campbell 
Bass Guitar, Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
and Web Site Designer
Best friends and new members include:
Pete "Best" DeGregory
Drums and Percussion
Tommy "The Ringer"  Nations
Guitar, Keyboard, Drums, Vocals
Rick Arcia 
Drums and Percussion