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Notes from the Underground!
Notes from the Underground!
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Thump Daddy's Page O' Fun
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"I don't know anything about music.  In my line you don't have to." - Elvis Pressley 



"I want to rock and roll all night, ...but the senior buffet starts at 5:30."  -  UD Keyboadist, Al "Ivories" Allison

                                "Turn your     
        hearing aid off baby.  I'm
                            going to showyou what a lead
                            guitarist can do!"  -  Danny "Mr. Wilson" Williams (as overheard talking to a groupie.)


"The band played our first gig together in front of about 300 people - mostly family friends and neighbors and people we paid to be there... It's really great to lose you virginity with your best friends." - Underground Detour Drummer, David "Sticks" Barnhardt

Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans - John Lennon