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Notes from the Underground!
About Us
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Thump Daddy's Page O' Fun
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THE UNDERGROUND DETOUR a grand rock & roll band in the finest tradition of middle-aged rockers with day jobs and families!


The Underground Detour is:
front row (kneeling and sometimes hurling, l to r) 
Bassman/vocals: Kelly "Rev. Thump Daddy" Campbell, Vocals/Golf Tutor: Johnny "One-note" Powell,
Keyboards/Harmonica/Vocals/Earplugs: Al "Ivories" Allison.
back row (standing and sometimes staggering, l to r)
Drummer: David "Sticks" Barnhardt,
Lead Guitar/Arranger: Danny "Mr. Wilson" Williams,
Rhythm Guitar/Bouncer: Mike "The Slasher" Rash, and Rhythm Guitar/Acoustic Guitar/Keeper of the Beer/Legal Department/ and CEO: Ralph "The Music Man" McMillan.
(Not pictured - "Mustang" Sally McMillan who politely lets these grown men turn her home into a frathouse every Thursday night.